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Mobile apps seem to have invaded every area of ​​our lives and businesses.

Statistic: by 2019, over a third of the human population on Earth had a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad. We rely on our mobile devices for everything: from communication and web browsing to managing their finances and shopping for groceries. Interestingly, 82% of businesses with professional mobile apps have achieved the desired business growth and increased revenue through multiple competitive advantages.

Above all, a major reason behind the massive growth of handheld devices, especially smartphones, is the availability of various mobile applications. The user-interface indeed plays a crucial part in the process of app development. However, successful mobile applications require a lot more than just a compelling UI/UX. Above all, this security, QA, integration, and app management. New mobile apps enjoy better performance and a more finely-tuned user interface, and usually, they passed a strict quality assurance process before they are released.

Functional and innovative apps for iOS and Android can greatly help your business. As a small business owner, you are motivated to grow. Mobile application development is in great demand for a reason! Above all, it opens up new opportunities for businesses to achieve goals. So, the more you can automate tasks, stay organized, and streamline your processes, the more efficient and productive your business will become.

Business applications have many benefits for users, continuously improving their productivity and saving time and money. For example, from entry-level employees to senior management, everyone today uses a mobile business application. As a result, you can be productive wherever you are.

Provide more value to your customers

Mobile apps are expected to generate $ 581.9 billion in revenue in 2020 through app stores and in-app ads. Do you want a piece of this pie? First, think creatively about your business and customers. Any app ideas that can make life easier for your customers? Above all, mobile apps — the blooming world of opportunities for businesses of different shapes and sizes, from startups to enterprises. Everyone can come up with something of their own, and it will be effective. The main thing is to find a developer who will understand your idea and make an attractive mobile application. As a result, no one can resist the temptation to install and use.

Most importantly, the app should be a true continuation of the brand. That is to say, the idea of ​​your application should be with a clear relationship with your company, will primarily satisfy your marketing and PR goals. Meanwhile, new apps are popping up all the time, and your competitors are trying their best. Above all, you must make your application as flexible and adaptable as possible. Therefore, developers must choose a platform that allows for changes and modifications based on user feedback.

The best mobile apps automate processes and reduce the likelihood of errors

A custom mobile app is a great tool for building customer loyalty and drawing attention to your business. First of all, when designing a mobile app, it’s important to understand what idea and purpose this mobile application will carry. Our goal is to provide your business with cutting-edge design and application development solutions. We can build a custom strategy for your company and tailor our application development services to your goals and expectations. Esfirs’s mobile app is an app of your choice and within your budget. So you will receive applications that provide the highest quality customer service. Firstly, our mobile app will make you stand out among your competitors; secondly, attract loyal customers, and thirdly increase your company’s revenue. As a result, we will unleash the full potential of mobile technologies for your company by launching our own professional mobile application.

We don’t just build apps! Our specialists will 100% make for you the best mobile application that will contribute to the growth of your business.

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