Backend Web Development

Esfirs have built a complex backend through a rigorous web development strategy where we construct the right technology stack for every client’s case. Herewith we reduce the development risk, such as schedule, budget, technology, management and human resources, while applying sprint methodology. Additionally, to get applications to market quickly we use standard-based code. Moreover, we are creating robust data structures and powerful development architecture, so our back-end applications are fast, scalable and secure. We put the security in the first place and build our applications with consistent security standards from the ground up. We care about the security of our applications so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data.

Backend Development Technologies

Back-end technologies are improving and changing rapidly. Consequently we use some of the most powerful and secure backend technologies: our team includes experienced Python and Node JS developers, which will take make sure the correct and safe operation of your applications. Likewise we always keep up with cybersecurity market and follow the changes in the digital landscape and its application. In our work we use Amazon Web Services , Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure. In addition, we are striving provide our clients with the most fitting solutions for their specific needs.

Database design

Esfirs Database Design process involves the design phase, development, implementation and maintenance of medium servers to enterprise data management systems. Accordingly, our databases are easy to maintain, designed to improve data consistency which results in greater total cost-efficiency. And we offer MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB among other database systems.

API design and development

Esfirs API design process articulates the data pipelines, eliminates bottlenecks, and plans the core of the product work. The API’s design provides a solid blueprint on what you want your API to achieve and gives a comprehensive overview of all the endpoints associated with each of them. Due to our well-practiced API design and development, the processing time is minimal, response time is good and security level is high.  That’s why we put expertise and the best practices for securing your application.

Backend Security

Above all, we care about the backend services security. Back-end services are based on SAP Gateway and OData. They are required to decouple the ABAP back-end system from the application lifecycle for existing and new applications to ensure complete data compartmentalization. Esfirs top priority in backend development is the safety of your data.

Test Coverage

Also, we provide Backend testing that checks the server-side or Database by automated testing. It can help uncover any defects in any development phase.
Therefore, our database testing includes performing data validity, data integrity tests, performance check related to database. And also testing of procedures, triggers and functions across the platform.