Frontend Web Development


The frontend is the face of your program – what users will work with – and is a key factor in the client’s productivity. Therefore, our focus is to make your application functionally convenient, adaptable to different devices and look stylish.
Now the market for the device platforms is very extensive. Accordingly, our priority is to ensure that your application works correctly and looks well on any device available to the user.

Frontend Design

In addition, we pay a lot of attention to user-friendly design. When designing a website, we try to make navigation smooth, fast and intuitive.

Our customer-centric approach includes that we also build UI library specific to our clients’ use case.  Therefore, you will have a large variety of different icons, buttons, etc. Also at your disposal functional calendars, with the ability to add events to them and more.

The most important point for us is your branding and the spirit of your company. Therefore, we think carefully about it in every element of the website. This allows us to guarantee the delivery of every competitive edge of your company’s business through your website.

And, as a rule, the website design services we offer include cross-platform optimization as we take a pixel-perfect approach.

Frontend Technology Focus

Esfirs developers write clean code that serves as a guarantee of high-quality and efficient operation of your site. For this, we have many tools in our arsenal. For example, we use JavaScript and TypeScript with React and Angular frameworks.

We use an agile methodology to make changes to your site without breaking the overall structure already created.

Quality assurance

Through our methodology, we spot potential problems early in development.
Our development team have provides 100 % unit test coverage to all the frontend components.
In particular, this applies to UI libraries in the same way. Whatever the new UI element is, it will be checked so as not to violate the integrity of the code.

And also, due to our methodology, we solve flow problems faster and better. As a result, we ship the complete website to you or deploy it on your platform while saving your time and money.


We will build your personal content management system. Esfirs always focus on the needs and preferences of the client. Therefor our frontend developer team creates customer-oriented solutions. We will satisfy and implement all your requests for the site, including security and design requests. Our CMS is convenient for users, pleasant in design and easy to use.